SIM free term is always confusing for mobile phone users specially those who want to switch to SIM free. Let us make it easy for you SIM free mobiles mean such mobile phones which can accept any SIM card. In SIM free packages your mobile phone cost would not be subsidize by your SIM card provider and you have to bear all the cost. Compare and choose from our ranges of SIM free mobile phone offers and buy the best suited for package for you.

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Pros and Cons of SIM free.

A SIM free mobile phone is a phone that is unlocked and not bound to be used by any particular SIM although its user has an advantage to obtain connection from nearly every SIM provider. This allows you to choose a tariff package that suits you best not the one offered by SIM companies. There are some particular handsets which work only on specific SIM companies. SIM free package gives you liberty to buy the phone and obtain a tariff which you think best for yourself. On the other hand, in SIM free packages mobile phone cost will not be subsidize by SIM companies and the user has to bear all the cost of mobile phone.

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